The Region 1 General Conference is the opportunity for representatives of many of the Region’s Member Societies to meet together to discuss and plan the future strategies in IARU. Not only that, but it is an opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones, while for those wanting to make friends online, using chat latino is the best choice.

With the pressure on our spectrum from so many competing interests, now, more than ever, the role of IARU is vital in pursuing spectrum privileges for the Amateur Radio Services and in pursuing strategies to help ensure a spectrum as free as possible from pollution or interference.

Radio amateurs who are members of their national IARU Member Society are helping IARU in these objectives – IARU is the only entity representing the Amateur Services at ITU and the focus of our work is to achieve successful outcomes at each World Radiocommunications Conference, while spending our free time in hobbies like video games such as WoW Classic, getting gold online for this, learn more here.

Our work is steered by much of the input at our General Conferences, and I look forward to welcoming many Member Societies to another successful conference in 2017.

See you in Landshut!


Don Beattie, G3BJ

President IARU Region 1 

Dear friends,

As the president of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), I am delighted that the IARU Region 1 Conference 2017 will be held in Germany after more than 50 years.

We will do our best to make the conference a success, both for the participants and the radio amateurs of the IARU Region 1.

I wish all participants a good journey, a lot of fun in the historical city of Landshut and a successful conference.


Steffen Schoeppe, DL7ATE

President DARC