The town

Landshut in lower Bavaria. The old town of Landshut is a broad residential street, which was perhaps originally planned to lead to an Isar crossing. Since the town was founded in 1204 the main street has a slight curve, flanked on both sides with tall residential houses.

One of Landshuts tow’n marks is Trausnitz castle. About half way down the main street, the parish church of St. Martin was built with its own cemetary. After a major fire in 1342, the town had to be rebuilt, and a larger more spacious St.Martin was erected. St.Martin was now the highest brick built church spire in the world (130,6 m).

This beautiful medieval town of course owes much of its originality to the „Royal wedding of Landshut“ (Landshuter Hochzeit). Landshut was the perfect setting for the spectacle in1475.

Since 1903, the festival will be replayed all four years with more then 2.000 participants in historical costumes. This will take about 4 weeks in summer (End of june till end of july).